Your garden is your portal through which you connect to the nature, relax and enjoy the greenery. But in order for it to stay green and blooming, there are many things you should do. None of these tasks are difficult, and each and every one of them is important for your garden to keep its shining green and inspirational freshness. By doings the things listed below, you will make sure that your garden stays immaculately green. Let us get started.

Fertilize Your Plants

The compost you use is very important when it comes to fertilizing your plants. Instead of spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on buying conventional products filled with toxic components, use your kitchen waste as a fertilizer. Plants will react to the vegetable waste used as compost and will grow stronger roots, have better soil texture and the water retention will be longer. This is the start, and will pretty much dictate the way your plants will grow.


The most important thing about maintaining any garden is making sure that there is enough water provided for each plant on a daily basis (especially during a hot summer day). The best way to ensure your plants absorb enough water to make them grow and survive the day is to water your garden early in the morning, when the sun is not too strong. Scientists say that watering plants directly at their roots gives them the best growth potential, thus making them immune to many diseases. Since you want a fresh and healthy garden, consider applying this advice as best as you can.

Trim the Weeds Regularly

The only thing standing in the way of a perfectly shaped and healthy garden is weeds. These are known to be the natural habitats of many pests, and also known to attract many dangerous species which are lethal for your garden. In order to prevent this, use the efficient weeding tools to trim the weeds regularly. There are many to choose from, and once you are armed with the proper ones, cutting down those wild weeds will become a piece of cake.


Many have agreed that the most efficient way of saving your money is recycling. This rule can be applied to the gardening process as well. By simply recycling your compost and reusing your tree clipping, you can create mulch and re-fertilize your garden. The same rule applies to the gardening tools; instead of buying new and sharper clippers or grass trimmers, consider using your old ones as long as they are able to do the job. There is no shame in using old tools, as long as they are not rusty or dull. Saving a few bucks here and there will bring a significant change to your house budget, so remember to recycle whenever possible.

Sync with the Nature

Think about getting several barrels, and place them below the house gutters to collect rain. Rainwater is the most natural, chemical-free, pure and mineral-free water that is not only great for watering your garden, but it is also free of charge. So by placing several barrels at few great locations, you can earn yourself free royal watering at no cost.

A garden is like a child, it requires constant attention and care. Make sure you never neglect it, and it will grow and evolve right in front of your eyes.

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