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Home theaters enhance both your home and your hosting, but what do they do to your utility bill? Whether you are trying to save the environment or your electricity spending, there are simple ways to go green and save some green in your home theater.

  • Switch to LED Lights

You don’t have to sacrifice ambience for energy efficiency anymore. LED lights are more efficient than compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and give off warm, yellow light that is very similar to incandescent light.

  • Install a Dimmer

Of course home theaters should have dimmers. Dimming your lights saves a surprising amount of energy. If you are setting up a home theater or you already have one, installing a dimmer is a great idea.

  • Turn Down the Brightness on Your TV

Lowering the brightness on your TV is better for your eyes and better for the environment. Your television will use less energy, because it is putting out less light. Unless you are watching in broad daylight with the blinds up, your screen will look better a little dimmer.

  • Power Down with Power Strips

We all know by now that our electronics use energy when they are on stand-by. They even pull energy when they are turned off. With all the appliances associated with a home theater, unplugging everything can be a chore. Get a power strip so you can turn everything off at once. To make things even simpler, use a smart strip. When the strip senses that you turned the TV off, it turns off the Blu-ray player and everything else for you.

  • Set a Timer on Your Charger

Many people charge their electronics overnight. Use an eco-friendly socket like the Belkin Conserve Socket with your chargers. Check out here wide range of Belkin Products online. You can set the socket to shut down after a given interval of time. Set it to three hours and sleep easy knowing that your tablet, phone or mp3 player will be fully charged when you wake up.

  • Kill Switch

If you have a home automation system, you can set up a kill switch. The kill switch will power down everything in your home theater with the press of a button.

  • Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set up a voluntary program called ENERGY STAR that tests the energy efficiency of products and gives an ENERGY STAR rating to products that exceed standards. These appliances use up to 45% less energy than their counterparts.

  • Buy a Boxed Set

Home-theater-in-a-box sets contain products that are designed to work together. This compatibility makes them more energy efficient than products purchased individually from different manufacturers.

  • Use Surround Sound Selectively

Surround sound is great for movies, big games and epic TV dramas, but all those speakers and that big subwoofer suck up a lot of energy. Use it when you need it and use your built in speakers to watch the news. Check out Rediff Shopping – India’s Leading Online Shopping Site

  • Get to Know Your Gear

Many appliances, including TVs and AV receivers have green settings. For example, an energy saving feature might make your TV start up a little slower, a small sacrifice to decrease your energy use. Check your equipment for green settings.

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