Car Service

Cars were once the luxury abode of rich and famous who could flaunt their royalty with their cars. Every household has a car that has become a necessity rather than a luxury. We get into a lot of research before buying anything, so is the case for the car as well. While we spend so much time and money in purchasing the car, we must take care of the car well… This would ensure the longevity of the car. To make this happen, we must service our cars regularly, for which we have the car service center. A car service involves a complete check of the car, which would include checking of any issues, oiling of the car.

Car service center – Actions taken

Let’s see what is done during the car service. The main aim of car service is to ensure that it is under a perfect running condition without any anomalies in it. Car service is usually done at a price as it involves a lot of work. The price would also vary according to the service rendered. Standard services rendered are Basic and Interim service, Oil and filter change, Full service, and Manufacturer service. Let’s see in detail what these services mean.

Oil and filter change is the most common service endeavor by any car service center; it is a part of many packages. The service carried out for the filter and change in oil improves the fuel efficiency of the car, thus enhancing the car’s performance.

Basic/ interim car service will include the necessary checks starting from visual inspection of the car till the checks of certain 35 key parts. This service not only consists of the oil and filter change, but it also includes checking of key fluids in the vehicle. Further, the service center will also lookout for any additional changes in components and the functioning of the breaks as well.

When a full service is allowed to a car owner, it will include all the services mentioned above and an additional 15 checks done on the components of the car, apart from this we also have an important service that is equivalent to full service, still, a few more checks are done additionally in this service without any charges. Change of spark plug & fuel filters is a part of car service.

A manufacturer’s service would include everything that was mentioned; it would be a master check-up of the car on a regular service. Depending on the service supply, this service is given at a substantial cost or without any cost. A few manufacturers charge only if any components are changed.

Car Service
Car Service

As mentioned earlier, the cost would vary with the services granted and the checks carried out on the vehicle.

Car service frequency

There is no specific law that enforces a mandatory car service, but technically it is advisable to service the car at least once in a year. Some of the car owners send their cars on short services; such cars have a longer life. There are various factors based on which the frequency of the car service can be decided. A car that is being used extensively on road trips, on extreme climatic conditions or mountain regions, needs a regular check. Car service is advisable for all cars, but the frequency would vary depending on the usage.


Car service is a basic essentially required for all cars which are allowed by the service centers, either run privately or by the manufacturers itself. The services given are oil and filter change, basic service, primary service & manufacturer’s service. The frequency of the service would vary depending on the usage of the vehicle.

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