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Those who are in love with wearing contact lenses know very well the benefits, comfort and even the discomforts of contact lenses. Quite naturally wearing contact lenses over spectacles helps you to break through a bundle of barriers which, with glasses, you might have confronted numerous times, daily. Spectacle wearers know the experience of those steamy glasses while walking out of an AC hall, the limitation while watching a 3D movie, or the feeling of not being able to do the desired eye makeup, etc.

Now you have boundless freedom and can break out of the shell of wearing glasses, for you can easily buy contact lenses online. However, what most contact lens users overlook is the proper care and maintenance of their lenses owing to which not only do you face irritations, itching, the problem in wearing lenses, coordination, etc. So here, you will go a little beyond contact lenses online buying tips and dig deeper into the steps after a purchase, that is handling and care.

Contact Lenses Handling and Care

When you choose to use and wear contact lenses every day you need to adhere to some of the regular tips so as to bag in maximum comfort and ease of using lenses. Here is a list of all the do’s which can help you to make your experience of wearing it each day all the way smoother and comfortable.

  • Cleanliness is the essential part, when you are using lenses on your eyes you need to be extra careful, since germs on your hands, lint from towel can be the reason behind the irritation felt entire day and sometimes even longer. So washing your hands with mild soap, and drying them up properly is an inevitable criterion of comfortable lens wearing when you shop for contact lenses online.
  • Disinfecting your lenses before wearing them is essential every time you use them, therefore, do not forget to stock on your contact lenses cleaning solutions.
  • It is recommended by experts that maintaining a routine format of wearing the right or left lens first every time (whichever you choose) helps you to maintain coordination and avoid mixing up lenses in wrong boxes.
  • Sometimes, your eyes dry up after wearing lenses for long hours. If you are facing this problem, then it is advised to remove your lenses and apply tears solution to provide moisture to your eyes.
  • Make a note of the expiry date of your lenses to avoid eye irritations, infections, and other problems.
  • It is always recommended by experts to purchase lenses with a proper doctor’s prescription. Moreover, if you want to buy contact lenses online it is always preferable that you take your doctors suggestions first.

Dealing with Lenses Discomfort

Sometimes you need to work long hours on computers in continuity, reading for a long duration, or even another kind of stress on eyes may lead to dryness of eyes, and when you are wearing lenses it happens even more. You may feel discomfort, dryness, irritation, and redness in your eyes.  In general, these are a simple indication of our eyes signaling you about tiredness. This is high time that you remove your contact lenses and let your eyes relax. However, frequent discomfort or discomfort immediately after wearing lenses are not common and normal, therefore you should immediately contact your optometrist if you have bought contact lenses online.

Again while you have lots of online portals for purchasing contact lenses, not all of them are authentic, therefore always check from where you are buying and buy branded contact lenses over local, non-reputed ones, You can also consult your optometrist to get recommendations.

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