Garage Door Repair Service

Repairing the garage door costs too much as it includes labor and material. Nevertheless, people do not compromise over the security of the garage and invest huge money in repairing it.

But, if you are hiring a professional person for this job, it will comparatively lower the cost. Hence, hiring a professional for this can help you stay on budget.

If you are wondering how much does garage door repair actually cost, then you read to give this article a read.

What Is The Average Price Of Garage Doors For Repairing?

The average cost of repairing a garage door is $190 along with additional costs. However, additional costs will depend on the type and size of your door. Furthermore, it depends on the type of repair you need.

For instance, a typical repair includes the springs, opener, cables, track, sensor, and locks. All these things cost between $85 and $290 on average.

Indeed garage doors maintenance is very important, to keep your garage secure and safe.

The first and foremost step is to hire a professional checker if the door can be repaired. Moreover, in the case of severe damage, the door needs to be replaced. It hardly costs less than $200 whereas the average cost to replace a garage door is around $1,020.

How Much Garage Door Spring Repair Cost?

The average cost for repairing or replacing the garage door spring is between $50 and $290. It depends on the type of springs. However, if your garage uses torsion springs, then you are going to spend $200 to $290 for their repairing or replacement.

Extension springs, that compress and stretch, cost much less; between $50 to $95 to replace. Further, you can even take an initial estimation of the garage door repair service from a reputed company that does this job.

The type of door you have can also affect your spring repair cost. To fix the springs in a tilt-up door you will need to spend $150 to $200. Whereas a roll-up door will cost almost $200 to $250 to repair for a two-car garage door.

How Much Does A Torsion Spring Cost?

Torsion springs are those that are mounted horizontally above the garage door opening. When the door lowers, the torsion springs twist meanwhile when the door goes up the tension in spring is released.

How Much Does Extension Spring Repair Cost?

These springs are those that stretch and then compress. These are the most common springs you can find on most of the garage doors. Extension spring costs about $50 to $95 for replacement.


Most people do not give much importance to the garage and its condition. However, they try to maintain the garage door and keep it in good shape to ensure the safety of the garage. Garage repairing is very necessary for your car. So, don’t rely on ordinary services. Try to find an experienced worker.

You can hire contractors from recognized companies and can avail of their valuable services. Your efforts will reflect from your garage.

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