Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom is the place where you sleep, relax, rejuvenate and find peace after a stressful day. That is why you need to pay special attention to this room when decorating your home – especially if it includes a working desk and a reading area – and one of the things to focus on is the lighting. How to choose proper lights for a bedroom with multiple purposes, where to place them and what options are available on the market?

Different Types

When your bedroom is just a bedroom, a bedside light is all you need. However, if you study, work and watch TV in your bedroom, one light is definitely not enough. That is why you need to take different types of lighting in consideration and make sure all corners of your bedroom are well lit.

Bedside lights come in various shapes and sizes and you can get really creative with what they can offer. While most people just place a table lamp on a nightstand, left and right of their beds, others opt for a more creative and non-traditional approach. So, for example, you can combine these lamps with pendant lights and scones, thus getting a new and chic design that blends different light sources into a compact mixture.

On the other hand, you can incorporate a ceiling light, too – or why not even a chandelier! – as well as several floor lamps and wall lights. In short, two or three light sources should be the basis of your lighting design and you can build the entire setup around them, so it is important to get a good deal at your local supplier or shop for floor lamps online.

Different Uses

Not all lamps are the same, and not all can be used in the same way on the same spot in the room. That is why you need to decide how to place your lamps strategically and ensure that they spread the light across the room in the best way possible.

First of all, you need to think about cords and outlets – your electrical sockets are positioned around the room according to a certain rule, and you should place your lamps close to them if you want to avoid using extension cords. This can unnecessarily complicate your life and make your movement around the room much harder. The proximity of the socket determines both the ideal place for your lamp and its size – the further from the center of the room it is, the bigger it has to be.

Also, lamps have to be the right height in order to be used for reading – unless you use a swing arm lamp. Test their height by sitting up in your bed and checking whether you are getting enough light or not. These lamps are a great choice because they provide close-range light, are accessible and can be switched off easily without having to get up.

The Amount of Light

People who use their bedroom for different purposes have different preferences when it comes to the amount of light they need. Those who like reading need more light than those who prefer watching TV for instance. Due to that, you need several layers of light, all of them illuminating separate parts of the bedroom with different amounts of light.

For instance, overhead lights and portable lamps allow you quick regulation and provide you the maximum amount of light. Nevertheless, if you desire less light and are a fan of a darker atmosphere, pendant lights will suffice. Finally, if you want to be creative and extravagant, string lights will make your bedroom look quite special.

The Overall Effect

When installing lighting in your bedroom, you must keep the room’s overall design and style in mind. Achieving a desired look – whatever you are aiming at – is possible only with proper lighting,and the magical appeal you were going for is not complete without it.

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