Vinyl flooring has become popular among homeowners, interior designers as well as contractors. This durable, stylish and easy to install flooring option is easy to maintain and hygienic.At Europine, you can find high-quality vinyl sheets and tiles that are easy to clean, and scratch-resistant.

Whether you are choosing LVT or vinyl sheet, cleaning and maintenance process is the same for all vinyl floors. Just follow these simple steps from the beginning and your vinyl floor will look like new for years.

How to clean vinyl flooring?

The easiest way to keep the floor clean is to vacuuming or broom it regularly is the easiest way to keep them spot-free, dust-free and germ-free. This regular cleaning routine keeps dust build-ups away keeping the floor clean and hygienic.

A weekly mopping with a damp and warm mop using a mild floor cleaner is suggested. It is suggested not to use an excessively wet mop to wipe the vinyl surface. This small tip will surely keep the floor in top condition for years to come.

How to clean up stains on your vinyl floor?

It is almost impossible to keep the floor free from stains and scuff, but if you have vinyl flooring then you can easily get rid of tough stains.

Here are some tips for cleaning different types of stains:

• Clean stain immediately using nylon pad and neutral detergent and then rinse and wipe it with fresh water.

• Don’t let oil; vinegar or lemon stains discolour the vinyl surface. The easiest and safest way to clean the oil and lemon spot is to clean it with warm water and a neutral detergent.

• To remove the stain of ink, tomato or bloodstains use diluted alcohol. Damp the stain directly with diluted alcohol for a few minutes and then rinse off with water.

• If your little one has accidentally put Pen and marker stains on the vinyl floor then you can easily clean it with white spirit. Rub the stain genteelly using white spirit first and then wipe it with clean water.

Additional Care Instruction for the vinyl floor:

• If you have furniture then it is suggested to put a protective pad under heavy furniture to protect the vinyl surface from scratch.

• Put doormat at the entrance door to prevent the vinyl floor from dust and dirt and it will make cleaning easier.

• Use a natural and soft cleaner to clean the floor.

• Heat can damage the vinyl surface; keep items radiating heat at a safe height from a vinyl floor.

What not to use to clean vinyl floor:

• Abrasive powders can damage the surface

• Black soap is harsh for vinyl flooring

• Wax or varnish build-ups can steal the shine

• Oil-based products

• Steam cleaners can damage the surface

Can you polish vinyl floors?

Vinyl flooring come with protective reinforced polyurethane surface treatment, unlike other flooring alternatives like hardwood or stone it does not require waxing or polishing. Regular cleaning is enough to keep the vinyl surface shiny.

Suitable for high traffic areas and places with regular use of water, vinyl flooring can prove a tough choice for heavy and rough use. Follow easy and safe vinyl flooring cleaning methods to keep the floor in better shape for a longer period of time.

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