Are you looking for a frozen food supplier but don’t know how to refine your search? If so, then this blog is what you need.

Frozen foods and fish products are driving the market growth in Singapore, so it’s not that difficult to find a reliable supplier that can meet your fast food restaurant, hotel chain, or catering business’s specific needs.

Before we look into the factors to consider when settling for an Asian food distributor, let’s talk about why frozen foods are a better and cost-effective choice for your business.

Reasons to Go for Frozen


Frozen food products have undergone several preparation processes, such as picking, cleaning, dicing, chopping, and more. You can cut down the preparation time and proceed with cooking those delish dishes immediately.


Unlike their non-frozen counterparts, frozen foods may last longer. They have a longer storage time, offering maximum flexibility. For example, frozen broccoli may last up to eight months when stored in the freezer, while fresh broccolis usually must be consumed within a week.

Safe & Healthy

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), frozen food packages the same nutrients. Not only that, but they also have ingredient and nutrition labelling. Food labelling gives you the confidence of serving healthy and safe food dishes every day.

3 Tips for Choosing a Reliable Frozen Food Supplier in Singapore

1. Determine Your Business Needs

Consider what your business needs are and check whether the frozen food supplier can help you meet them. Identifying the frozen food products you need essentially guides you in partnering with a befitting distributor, so be sure not to skip this crucial step.

Let’s put it into perspective. Suppose you own a budding restaurant that’s still establishing its footprint in the food business. Since you’re only starting, it’s ideal to opt for a supplier that sells frozen food items in smaller quantities.

Frozen food packages that come in larger quantities have the tendency to expire before you need them, which may increase your costs.

2. Check the Freezing/Distribution Method

Since you’re buying frozen food products, it makes sense to research the supplier’s freezing and distribution method. You must understand the technique used to freeze the food. This way, you can examine how the distributor’s supply chain works.

Having basic freezing process knowledge actually gives you the advantage. It helps you get to know more about the Asian food supplier you’re contacting and ask relevant questions, which can influence your decision-making.

Here are the two standard freezing systems that you can use as reference:

Individually quick freezing (IQF) – is used for an individual piece of the product separately from the others. This technique significantly reduces the ice formation on the food item and retains the flavour of the food.

Cold store freezing – is used for large volumes of whole chicken, packed meats, and other big products. It takes a longer freezing time and requires manpower for handling boxes or placing products on trays.

Also, it helps to ask questions related to cold chain system, distribution, and loading. Examples of such questions are:

  • What are the methods of transportation or distribution?
  • How is the temperature maintained on the truck or cargo ship?
  • What is the equipment used for distributing frozen products to buyers?

3. Look for a Variety of Prepared Food Ingredients

Each frozen food supplier has an assortment of products. One supplier may have frozen meat products but don’t have frozen seafood. In short, a single distributor may not always have every food ingredient that you need.

If possible, go for a supplier that offers a wealth of frozen food options. The good thing about getting all your ingredients from a single source is that you not only save time contacting different suppliers, but you will also save money in delivery charges.

When the odds are really not in your favour, settle for fewer distributors (around two to three) to easily streamline your weekly ordering and delivery process.

Summing It Up

Finding a frozen food distributor in Singapore isn’t as hard as you think. Today’s digital world now offers quick solutions—what you only need to do is browse the web. And, if you’re not search-savvy, checking online directories and asking a friend or family might also come in handy.

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