Toddler Beds

If you are a parent, then you understand how difficult and bittersweet transitions between milestones can be for you and your child. The transition from the bottle to the drinking cup, from a rear facing car seat to a forward facing car seat, and from a crib to a toddler bed are prime examples of milestones your children transition through as they grow older. Transitioning from cribs to toddler beds can seem intimidating for both child and parent. With a little bit of motivation and perseverance, however, this transition can be a relatively easy one to make.

If you have been awaken in the middle of the night by your two year old, the first thought that has probably crossed your mind is how he or she has gotten out of his or her crib. The realization that your child is climbing over their crib is not only horrifying, but it is a great indicator that it is time to say good bye to your child’s crib and hello to toddler beds.

If you have a transitional crib, your toddler bed is already in place. Simply remove the front rails of the sides of the bed and add guard rails for toddler beds and you are ready to go! Now all you need to worry about is having your toddler adjust to his or her new bed. This is a challenge in itself. The best thing you can do to begin this process is have your child be an active part in it. That is to say, have your son or daughter “help” set up the bed. You might want to help them put their teddy bears on the bed so that they can understand what the new bed means for them. Making a big fuss over the bed might also be a great idea. Have friends and family stop by and examine the bed in wonder and amazement.

Of course, having your child adjust to his or her new bed is not the only measure you have to take to ensure your child’s transition is a smooth one. You too have to adjust and the best element of moving from crib to bed that you need to think about is safety. Now that your child can get up from bed and walk around at night, you might want to put a baby gate in front of the door so that they cannot walk out into dangerous household territory at night.

All in all, the transition from crib to toddler bed is an inevitable but good one. Once you go through the motions, you and your child will both be sleeping soundly through the night.

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