Buying a Used Truck

Buying a used truck is a tricky affair. It can be a great opportunity to save some money if you do all the necessary steps in order to buy a good vehicle. On the other hand, if you miss one or more crucial things the deal may turn out unfavorable, to say the least. In order to make the purchase as safe as possible and end up owning a used but reliable truck, these are the things to know.

Personal Inspection

There are hundreds of online sites that deal with used trucks throughout the world. Some are lousy, some are good, some are great, and their customers’ feedback usually tells the story. Some offer honest descriptions and high resolution photos from every angle, and of every important detail. However, nothing beats personal inspection of the truck, sitting behind the wheel and doing a test ride. Though you usually will, in some cases you may not find anything different than the ad said. Remember, trucks are usually sold as they are and you will not get a second chance to change your mind.


Both government and public auctions are becoming increasingly popular where the used cars and trucks market is concerned. It is true to say that good truck auctions are a great opportunity, but to score a good deal, you have to dedicate enough time to check the condition of the truck. Since test drives are not an option when auctions are in question, your visual inspection is the only way to judge whether a particular truck is worth your money. This requires knowledge and concentration since the offer is usually big. If you are prone to impulse buying, avoid auctions at all costs.

Check All Angles

Though a truck’s surface is in perfect condition you still may end up buying a completely worn out vehicle. Make sure you look under the hood, as well as to check the underneath of the truck. Taking a professional mechanic with you would be a worthwhile decision since you will have the estimate of what needs to be fixed in order to have a fully reliable truck. Naturally, make sure you check all VIN info in order to know the history of repairs and of truck in general.

Go Places

No matter how tempting the offer for the first truck you saw may seem, it is always advised to check several offers before making a final decision. Once you have checked at least a couple of trucks you will have a better picture of what an average price and condition  is for trucks in a certain price range. You do not have to go and check every single one of them. Collect data, browse offers and reserve personal inspection to those few that remained when you narrowed your selection.

Do Your Math

As it was said above, the market is vast. To make your search and purchase worthwhile, do your math before you start anything. Decide on the price range you are prepared to spend and the type of vehicle you plan to buy. Though a bigger or a smaller truck may seem a better idea, do not go for them, it will prove to be a wrong decision very soon. A 4wd, extra passenger seat, a taw/haul mode, automatic or manual transmission are just a few features you need to think about. Take your time.

To sum up, be well prepared before you start looking in order not to waste time or money when you make your purchase. Narrow your choices and personally inspect potential candidates. Check everything twice, with a mechanic by your side if you are not that experienced, take it for a test drive and only then decide.

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