Car Mechanic

It is often said that you never really own a car unless you truly understand the insides of it. Knowing how your car works, and how to fix any problems that might arise in it helps you to create a better bond with your car. It also helps you to save the money that you would have paid for the labor of the mechanic. A car mechanic ensures proper maintenance of any vehicle. Thus, learning some tips and tricks to be a good professional Car Mechanic can always come in handy. It will also help you in case of a car emergency.

Here Are Some Tips to Be A More Professional Car Mechanic

Learn How to Do A Double Wrench: One of the first trick which you should learn to do as a Car Mechanic is how to do a double wrench. It is a very common trick in mechanic. The double wrench is an efficient way to get leverage in a small space.  For this you would need a pair of spanners. Firstly, you need to connect the bottom end of one wrench to the front end of the other wrench. This gives the user an increased amount of force for when they are working on tight screws, and bolts. However, it is also important that you prevent this setup from becoming off center. If it does go off center, it can result in injuries.

The Rubber Band Trick: Another useful trick for professional Car Mechanics is the rubber band trick. This prevents the screws in your car from completely coming loose while you are adjusting it. If your screw completely comes loose, it can get complicated to fix it back again. It also becomes risky and unsafe. For this reason, you should stretch an elastic band along the top of the screw, when you are using a screw driver on it, to prevent from completely falling off from its place. This helps you to adjust the tightness of your screws without worrying about them falling off.

Mechanic’s first-aid: It is quite possible for you to get cuts while you are working on your vehicle. If this happens at home, it is quite easy to just reach for the first-aid kit and fix yourself up. However, this can get difficult when you are doing repairs on the road. For cases like that, you need to learn the mechanic’s first-aid. In this method, you just need some paper towels and black tape. Treating cuts and open wounds Is essential as it might lead to tetanus or any other kind of disease or may even cause inflammation and pus accumulation around the area. 6Both of these things are generally always present in a mechanic’s box. You need to wash your cut with water then out some paper towels on it. After this you are supposed to secure the cut by wrapping it with black tape. This ensures that there is no further damage to your injury while you finish your repair. However, you do need to get the injury properly treated as soon as possible after you finish the repair work.

Cleaning Up: Cleaning up can be a daunting task after you are done with your repair work. However, a good professional mechanic always keeps their workspace and garage clean. The major source of mess after a repair job is metal shavings. This can be cleared up through a simple trick involving a magnet, and a trash bin. For this you simply need to put a magnet inside a trash bin, and then roll that trash bin around the room. All the metal shavings get attracted to the magnet surface, which makes it simple to scoop up and throw. This ensures that you can easily clean your workspace without much hassle.

Thus, these are some simple tips and tricks on how to be a more professional Car Mechanic. These tips will help you to care for your vehicle in a better way. Then again, you can always take professional help, as and when required.

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