Delhi, the capital city of the country has enough lucrative opportunities, which makes it one of the most sought-after places for a progressive career growth. But, finding perfect jobs in Delhi-NCR is not so easy. Delhi and the NCR region comprising Noida, Greater Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad are highly competitive zones for jobs in various industry domains. For jobs in Delhi NCR, most companies look for people with diverse skills and people who are multi-talented. So for Freshers, it becomes very difficult to find a lucrative job in Delhi NCR. A strategic approach needs to be followed to get a good job as there are good number of opportunities available, especially in the IT sector, real-estate, construction, education, hospitality, finance and so on.

Tips to Find the Perfect Jobs in Delhi NCR for Freshers

Once your formal education is completed, be it in terms of a professional degree or a general degree, your next objective is to get a job. For professional qualifications like as engineering, MBA, renowned institutes conduct placement interviews for major companies. If you are lucky, you can easily get a job. But, all are not so lucky to get immediate jobs in Delhi NCR, especially at an entry level. So, let’s find out below some tips to get job of your choice in Delhi NCR:

Learn new skills and upgrade your technical level: Job search can prolong for a long time. So, the best way to utilize your time is to keep yourself updated with the latest technical skills or other vocational courses. For instance, you can take up an English speaking course to learn to communicate in English as in almost all companies, interviews are conducted in English. You can also learn computer coding and other technical skills. Keep yourself updated with current affairs. In other words, keep yourself well-trained and well-groomed to face any interviews for jobs in Delhi NCR. Being a Fresher, having an additional skill, is an added advantage.

Work as an Intern before getting the final job: Most companies look for candidates with experience. Hence, for a fresher, an experience certificate from any organization is helpful. Gain work experience as an intern for jobs in Delhi NCR. Join a company during summer breaks or winter breaks in the course of your studies, and work as an intern. This not only helps you to gain experience but also helps you to learn working in an office environment, to watch others working and to gain confidence.

A professional CV is a must: Once you start the process of job hunting, the first and the foremost requirement is a CV. Make sure the CV is created in a professional manner as being a Fresher you do not have much experience to show off. Hence, your CV must include your skills and achievements in extra-curricular activities during your educational period, it must include your positive traits and so on. While applying for jobs, make sure you have a cover letter, which mentions a brief introduction about yourself and why you feel you are suitable for the job. Your cover letter and a professional CV are the first impressions that a company makes about you and shortlist you for the interview. A professional CV enhances your value as a suitable candidate for jobs in Delhi NCR.

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Create your profile in various job portals: In today’s age, most vacancies can be searched online in various job portals. So, create your profile in various job portals, filling up the fields as asked for. Upload your CV and start applying to jobs in Delhi NCR as per your educational background and interest.

Don’t give too much importance on brand names: To get into a reputed company is always something that every Fresher desire for. But, this is not always so easy. So, don’t wait for only companies with name and reputation. Instead, as a Fresher, apply to as many companies as possible for jobs in Delhi NCR, including the start-ups. You should gain more and more experience and it is in the small and new companies that you get to learn a lot and develop new skills. The best way to connect to many companies is through job portals or sending applications through mails or by post, and then follow up over the phone. This is no doubt a time-taking process and not all companies will respond positively. But, still you need to carry on with your job search with a positive frame of mind.

Candidates from all across the country and outside come to Delhi every year to find favorable job opportunities. Needless to say, the number of job seekers, especially the Freshers, increases every year. The competition is high and tough no doubt, but following a proper approach is very helpful to look for jobs in Delhi NCR.

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