The concept of freelancing has become very popular as it comes with its own perks and benefits. In Singapore, in recent time, many professionals are opting for freelance jobs. The reasons are wide and varied. Some prefer to work comfortably at home, give time to family, work and earn. Most expats in Singapore before getting permanent jobs prefer to work in freelance jobs to gain experience and earn money. Some prefer to work at their own pace without the interference of their boss and take up freelancing projects. Many Singaporean professionals are now working on a self-employed basis because of the increasing opportunities available online and offline.

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Presenting below the top 5 freelance jobs in Singapore:

Online and offline tutors: This is one of the most widely sought-after freelance jobs. A home tutor or private tutor can earn 6-figure annual income on an average. A teacher can charge per hour 20$ to 24$ for primary students and at least 40$ to 50$ for senior students. You can teach as many students as you want as per your preferred time schedule. Not only home tutoring, you can also opt for online tutoring freelancing jobs.

Driving jobs: This might sound strange, but in countries like Singapore and other Asian countries, many professionals take up driving jobs as part time or freelance jobs to earn some extra bucks. Especially during weekends or after office hours, there are young and old office goers and college students who take up such driver jobs as a Grab or Ryde driver. The best part is that you have your own car and you can decide your timings on your own. Even if you don’t want to drive every day, you can still make some extra cash on your way to and from home or during your free time. All you have to do is to check the Grab or Ryde app to find out passengers close to your area, and pick up and drop only those whom you think are worthwhile.

Freelancer photographer

If you are photographer by passion but you do not want to be in a full-time photographer profession, you can still follow your passion as a photographer. You can be a freelance photographer, especially as a wedding photographer. You will definitely find clients who are willing to pay the price you demand, especially if you are an expert in photography. You can ask anywhere between $1,500 and $3,000 for a full-day wedding shoot. For this, make a proper portfolio of yours with a number of photographs you have clicked as samples. This is another popular freelancing job in Singapore. The best part is that you can continue with your regular job but take up freelancing projects during the wedding season.

Tourist guide

If you are fond of travelling and love to explore places and interact with strangers, one of the most popular freelance jobs in Singapore is that of a tourist guide. However, to join in this freelancing profession, you need to get a license from the Singapore Tourism Board. Usually candidates with proper experience in travel and tourism are hired. You don’t have to work on regular basis. You can simply register yourself with Travel companies and they will contact you as per their requirement. You have to devote 4 to 8 hours in a day in this job. Professional tourist guides in Singapore can get anywhere between $250 and $600 per day.

Swimming Instructor

If you are proficient in swimming, you can work as a freelance swimming instructor in Singapore. This is one of the favorite freelance jobs for many youngsters to earn some extra money. The reason being, you just need to work in summer months only. Either you become a private swimming instructor working for individual clients at their private residences or you can become a swimming instructor for many in any community clubs or sports or health centers. You just need confidence and decent technique knowledge to well in this freelancing job and you can charge an hourly rate of at least $15 and $20 per student for group classes, and more for individual classes.

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