Dress On Dates

Dates vary widely as people who have been dating for a while and others who are married still go on dates with each other. The dress code of a date can say something very important. If a couple is very dressed up and at an extremely nice restaurant they could be celebrating a big day or they could simply be rich which is a great life.

First dates are so tricky as many people like to meet up and then decide what to do. This can lead to one person being severely undressed for an occasion. This can lead to one party being embarrassed and feeling uncomfortable the rest of the date. A good option is to hit up a place that has great food but it is affordable as there will be people dressed in suits and t-shirts. Origami Sushi is a great example of this.

Underdressing can give off the wrong messages as it could seem like someone doesn’t care about the date. Whether this is true or not, this is how someone might perceive it especially on a first date. Underdressing can also leave a person feeling overdressed or leave you not able to go where your date had intended because of your attire. This can lead to the end of a date if they were planning on meeting up with friends as well. Underdressing can be saved for the couch when you are binge watching your latest TV obsession with your girlfriend who you dressed appropriately for on your first date.

Overdressing can imply that something big is going to happen like a marriage proposal. It can also leave one party feeling uncomfortable in a very casual environment. If there was mixed signals about whether you were going on a date or meeting up with a friend, overdressing is one way to clear that up. It is far better to be overdressed then underdressed.

Dressing for dates is something that many people have not mastered and it plagues their dating lives to this day. The easiest thing to do is ask what you should wear as it could avoid embarrassment. Also keep some extra clothes in your car just in case plans change!

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