Granite Pavers have been in use for a very long time in the building and construction fields. Granite   use has been known since time immemorial. It was even used by the royals, to cover the courtyards in their castles and estates. In modern times too granite pavers are popular for flooring applications because it is able to completely transform the look of any home or commercial building.   It not only enhances the overall appeal but also the market value of your investment. Though you have ample choice of natural stones as pavers but natural granite pavers are extremely versatile as building material to give that added beauty to your project. However, versatility is just one of the reasons why granite is popular. There are various other reasons too. Let us take a look at them.

Durability and Low Maintenance of Granite: 

You may use any natural stone as pavers, but nothing is more durable than natural granite pavers as they are naturally hard and strong and resistant to staining, chipping and scratching. They maintain their look and shape as well as color even in high traffic areas. They can last you a lifetime. Besides this they maintain their look with minimal effort on your part. All you need to do is:

  • Wash Them Periodically 
  • Occasionally Reseal Them 

This ensures that they look as new as ever and moisture does not get locked in to create stains. Your builder will give you instructions to maintain your natural granite pavers and keep them looking beautiful. Just follow these instructions and use the right products to keep your pavers looking brand new.

Safety Factors: 

Most people when walking on a surface are afraid of slipping and that is where natural granite pavers win over anything else. Granite is a naturally slip-resistant surface because it has a rough, hardwearing surface which does not slip even in extremely wet circumstances. This makes walking on them easier. No wonder that granite is popularly used around pool areas as plenty of water gets splashed around in this area and when near a poolside you are safe. 

Aesthetics of Granite Pavers: 

Cut from the natural stone natural granite pavers have great natural beauty enhancing the appearance of the area. They blend in well with any surroundings. Using granite pavers enhances the beauty of any walkway, driveway or patio. It helps your home to stand out in your neighborhoods and could increase the overall value of your home. 

Granite Pavers have become very popular for use in the garden and landscapes of residential properties. It blends in well with the surrounding trees, plants and flowers because it is natural stone. This helps people to create a space where it is possible for them to enjoy their natural surroundings.    

 Fire and Heat Proof: 

Granite is a completely non-combustible material and therefore it is completely fireproof. It is also heat resistant. Therefore, natural granite pavers can be safely used near your fireplace or a barbecue. Along with this it will also not be too hot to walk upon on a hot summer’s day.


Any material that has a high absorption rate is useless in a damp environment. Any natural stone after it’s polishing and coating treatment is rendered water resistant, absorbing the least amount of water. Granite happens to be highly waterproof and therefore extremely popular as a paver.

Therefore, when building your home, or undertaking any other project your choice needs to be very clear. You will have on offer a variety of stones, but you need to consider carefully which product will be the most functional and will increase the beauty of your project. Having considered all the benefits of using granite pavers your choice should not be difficult to make. 


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