Spray tans are becoming increasingly popular with both the younger and older crowd, and more and more men are getting spray tans, too! There are so many benefits to getting a spray tan that it’s no surprise that many people want them. Spray tans can make a person look younger and feel more professional, and they last for seven to ten days rather than just one night with lotion tans.

Studies are showing that many people are trying to fit getting tan into their busy schedules, and a spray tan is much faster than having to lie down in a tanning booth for twenty minutes. Spray tans can take just a few minutes, and they’re dry in no time!

You know the benefits to your customers, but why should your business offer them?

They’re Popular

You need to stay up to date with the popular way of getting a tan in order to keep your clients happy. If they’re not happy with the services your beauty salon offers, they might go elsewhere. Not only are you losing potential customers who have not come in the door yet, but you’re losing your current customers because they want a spray tan and you don’t have the equipment. Therefore, you’re not only losing out on potential sales, but also losing out on the products and services your customers might have purchased if they were there in the first place.

They’re Inexpensive

Setting up a spray tan booth with the proper spray tanning machines is not expensive to fund! In the long run, your company will be making a lot more money with the new equipment than it cost to invest in it. Therefore, you will gain a profit rapidly when you invest in spray tanning equipment. In addition, it is very inexpensive to maintain, and you can offer many different options to clients depending on their preferences.

They’re Easy to Operate

It won’t take long before you and your staff are able to operate the spray tan booth without much trouble at all! It’s really just point-and-spray. Getting an even tan won’t be difficult, and you don’t have to be afraid that you’re going to permanently mess up someone’s skin. Any complications can easily be fixed.

They’re Fast

Not only is the equipment inexpensive and helping you obtain more clients for your salon or beauty parlour, but spray tans are also very quick to do! They can be done in as little as ten minutes with the proper equipment, and this will keep clients coming back over and over again. In addition, spray tans only last about ten days, so they’ll be back for more when their tan begins to fade.

There are many benefits to having a spray tan option for your customers and clients. Many people like to get a spray tan before they go on holiday to a sunny beach so they don’t look as pale, and others who suffer from having sensitive, pale skin can still enjoy the sun-kissed glow of a tan if they get a spray tan. Offer your customers the convenience of a spray tan!

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