Guideline for Submitting a Guest Post

Thank you for your interest in writing a Guest Post for Bloga Abilities! Before submitting your post, please note the following guidelines:

  • Please write us an email first with your topic.
  • The topic should be relevant. Make sure your topic fits into our site and isn’t something completely random and irrelevant.
  • Submission of your guest post does not guarantee publication. We’ll read your article and check that it’s a good fit for the site.
  • We expect proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.Please send us articles that are well written.
  • The articles should be high quality and original, unique content. No duplicate content please – we will check. It should also not be published anywhere else after it’s published on Melodyhome.
  • We do not offer monetary compensation for articles.

We don’t want to mess up our site with all unwanted stuff, we have few Tick Points Guest Bloggers should follow while writing for us. Check the sitemap for the topics in which we are interested.

Length:The average story should range from 600-800 words.

Images/Photography: Make sure the pictures you provided does not infringe somebody’s copyright. All photos should be submitted as high-resolution .jpg files.

Disclaimer: Any articles sent to us for publication become property of Melodyhome.

you can email it to with “Guest Post Submission” as the subject or use the form below.